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"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts."
Rachel Loise Carson, US Biologist, Writer, Ecologist (1907-1964)

"Unless a picture shocks, it is nothing."
Marcel Duchamp, French artist ( 1887-1968)

"Seeing is not enough, you have to feel what you photograph."
Andre Kertesz, Hungary-born US photographer (1894-1965)

What Is Digital Photography?
“Digital photography is a form of photography that uses digital technology to make images of subjects. Until the advent of such technology, photography used photographic film to create images which could be made visible by photographic processing. By contrast, digital photographs can be displayed, printed, stored, manipulated, transmitted, and archived using digital and computer techniques, without chemical processing.” 


"The advantages of digital photography over traditional film include:

Instant review of pictures, with no wait for the film to be developed: if there's a problem with a picture, the photographer can immediately correct the problem and take another picture

Minimal ongoing costs for those wishing to capture hundreds of photographs for digital uses, such as computer storage and e-mailing, but not printing

If one already owns a newer computer, permanent storage on digital media is considerably cheaper than film

Photos may be copied from one digital medium to another without any degradation

Pictures do not need to be scanned before viewing them on a computer

Ability to print photos using a computer and consumer-grade printer

Ability to embed metadata within the image file, such as the time and date of the photograph, model of the camera, shutter speed, flash use, and other similar items, to aid in the reviewing and sorting of photographs. Film cameras have limited ability to handle metadata, though many film cameras can "imprint" a date over a picture by exposing the film to an internal LED array (or other device) which displays the date.

Ability to capture and store hundreds of photographs on the same media device within the digital camera; by contrast, a film camera would require regular changing of film (typically after every 24 or 36 shots)

Many digital cameras now include an AV-out connector (and cable) to allow the reviewing of photographs to an audience using a television

Anti-shake functionality (increasingly common in inexpensive cameras) allow taking sharper hand-held pictures where previously a tripod was required

Ability to change ISO speed settings more conveniently in the middle of shooting, for example when the weather changes from bright sunlight to cloudy. In film photography, film must be unloaded and new film with desired ISO speed loaded.

Smaller sensor format, compared to 35mm film frame, allows for smaller lenses, wider zoom ranges, and greater depth of field.

Ability to use the same device to capture video as well as still images.

Ability to convert the same photo from color to sepia to black & white "

What is Digital Art?
"Digital art is like any other art. It just is created using different tools than the more traditional arts. Art is not about the tools used to create it. It is about the vision, message, or emotion of the artist. Photography is a medium through which artist's may create art. Likewise, a computer is just a medium or tool through which an artist can express his/her vision of line, form, color, composition and rhythm.

An artist chooses the medium (oils, watercolors, or pixels) she wants to use. When the digital artist, has mastery over the tools and technologies [software, equipment, etc.], she can go beyond "taking a digital picture" or "applying an effect" and create art - an individual expression of her vision."
Jeri Holt,

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